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A Real Writer Or 'I Took A Course At The Learning Annex' Writer?

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To those of you who are thinking 'what the hell is this?'.... This is a weekly challenge community, where your goal is to write a story in exactly 100 words. The only requirements are that it have something to do with the prompt and Castle, and does not exceed or fall under 100 words.

Here are the posting guidelines:

Include this header:

The actual content of the story must be behind an lj-cut or you can link to another journal.

Tag your entry like this:
author: username, prompt, rating: fic rating, type: type of fic

The first time you post you won't be able to add your author tag, I will do it for you! :)

Lastly, the challenges do not end! This means if a prompt takes you longer than a week to complete feel free to still post it.

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